My name is Henry Su. I graduated from the University of Hong Kong majoring in Government and Laws. I am currently doing a Master in Applied Social Data Science at London School of Economics. 

People always ask me could law and data science be ever connected? I believe that technology will be the future of law. Greater accessibility of law will be achieved in future by improving the efficiency of law through technological Innovation. There are many legal technology innovation which will eventually shake up the legal industry. If you look at the Natural Language Processing Technology nowadays, you will be shocked by how well a machine could understand language. These technology will be increasingly mature within this 10-20 years. Great opportunity lies in the field, and both public and private sectors will have to adapt to this revolution very soon..  

I am currently working on projects including the automation of will making in Hong Kong, and a dissertation which seeks to give a quantitative understanding of Hong Kong case law citation behavior using network analysis and quantitative text analysis.